Linunga is a committed partner to enterprises whose products or services are not only in line with Linunga’s fundamental ideas but also future and value orientated.

Linunga is not driven by short term return expectations. Instead, we value the long term, solid development of our contributions, in which the business decisions are not judged against the backdrop of a single business year, rather they are placed in the context of general development.


Wolfgang Stein and Peter Staab can count on decades of operative experience and strategic know-how with the Drahtzug Stein company. For 25 years, they turned Drahtzug into an internationally successful supplier of wire articles for the household appliance industry.


We support new future oriented business cases and invest in stable partnerships and sustainable company developments.


Company evaluation, risk analysis, investment planning, continual finance planning and borrowing. We support the setting up of start ups in the same way we support change processes or divestment of an established company.


Many years of national and international company development ensure a valuable network of attorneys, company advisors and banks in both procurement and sales markets – also our contributory companies profit from this.